Towing Regulations

We all need to be aware of the legalities of towing trailers. Potentially towing can be a hazardous activity and the advice within this message is information all members of Rowing Ireland need to understand and comply with.

If you have a category B driving licence to drive a vehicle (car/jeep) you can tow a small trailer. If you want to tow a larger trailer you must have category BE on your licence. For information on licence categories see the link below. Note the majority of rowing club trailers are over the 750Kg limit so therefore require drivers that tow to hold a BE endorsement on their licence.

Even though your driving licence may entitle you to tow a trailer, the kind of trailer you can tow will also depend on your vehicle specification. The owner’s manual will generally set out a Towing Capacity- sometimes called Towing Weights or Maximum Trailer Weights- for the vehicle. Some small vehicles might not be allowed to tow any trailer while larger vehicles have restrictions set by the manufacturer of these vehicles on the size of trailer which can be towed. In all such cases the type of trailer you can tow will be the lesser of that allowed by your licence or the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Please be safe and always ensure that all vehicles and trailers are also loaded securely to minimise risk, the link below provides further information from the Health & Safety Authority.

For more information, please read our Trailer Towing Article under the Clubs section on the website.

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