Tribesmen RC: Introducing Adult Recreational Rowing Into Your Club

Tribesmen Rowing Club, which has been in existence for almost 40 years and was competitive for most of that time, had, in recent times suffered from a significant drop in membership as juniors grew up and moved on and senior rowing, as is the case countrywide, declined.

As with most clubs, they encountered the usual difficulties finding volunteer coaches for competitive crews with the huge time commitment required, and by 2010 there were only a few veterans rowing out of the club and reserves were being depleted at a fast rate.

The committee decided to change the traditional approach and instead try to build a wider base of recreational members over a period of years, to enable the club to rebuild, provide manpower and funds and a platform to allow a return to competitive rowing.

As a result, their membership has doubled year on year. Read more about what the club has learned and some valuable words of advice from Gillian Carolan who has been at the forefront of this development: Introducing Recreational Rowing Into Your Club

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