TrY Coaching for Transition Year Rowers

Calling all Transition Year rowers in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Carlow and Killarney!

Do you want to learn how to coach and use the experience to gain hours for your Gaisce Award? Or put time towards your work experience?

Come and learn to be a rowing coach with the Get Going Get Rowing programme!

TrY Coaching Course for Experienced Rowers in Transition Year

In Get Going Get Rowing, we introduce secondary school students to the sport of rowing.  Mostly, we do this through use of the rowing machine but often we take these students and put them on the water for a truer experience of rowing.  We believe in the growth of the sport, whether it is with beginner rowers or experienced rowers. So, we also extend the hand of learning to our experienced rowers who are in their Transition Year in secondary school.

So how do we do this?  We invite Transition Year rowers in rowing clubs local to our centres to get involved in coaching on the programme. Many students jump at the opportunity to get even more involved in the sport that they love and as a bonus they get to use the hours helping with coaching towards the work experience element of TY or towards the culmination of the hours they need to gain Gaisce awards.

What’s the process?  We train the TY rowers to be coaches with a Rowing Ireland approved Introduction to coaching workshop.  In this workshop we discuss the key principles of coaching and then we apply those key principles to rowing.  This is a Rowing Ireland/Coaching Ireland certified course for anyone who completes it with 3 coaching sessions.   Once they have completed the coaching workshop, we get them coaching under the supervision and direction of our Community Coaches at our indoor coaching sessions or on-the-water introductory sessions.

The delivery of our Get Going Get Rowing programme and events are supported enormously by these TY coaches.  They form an invaluable part of the Get Going Get Rowing team.

Do they enjoy it?  They say a resounding YES because they get to spend time involved in the sport they love and passing on their passion for the sport of rowing.  They get to learn and grow in confidence in their ability to communicate with adults and peers. They have hands on involvement in shaping a new generation of rowers.

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