Umpires Committee

1.  Composition

The Umpires Committee consists of a Chair and a minimum of three other members

2.  Appointment

The Chair is appointed annually by the Board of Rowing Ireland following the AGM. The members of the committee are appointed by the Chair

3.  Purpose

To examine, license and supervise regatta umpires.

4.  Functions

4.1 Preparing relevant material and organising umpiring seminars as required

4.2 Examining umpiring candidates

4.3 Providing umpires with regular updates on developments relating to umpiring

4.4 Maintaining a database of all active umpires

4.5 Monitoring the progress of provisional umpires and upgrading their licences when appropriate

4.6 Appointing a chief umpire for the Irish Rowing Championships

4.7 Responsible for all aspects of umpiring at the Irish Rowing Championships

4.8 Dealing with any formal complaints received in relation to umpiring

4.9 Suspension of an umpire’s licence should it prove necessary

4.10 Examining candidates for the FISA umpires examination and if suitable approving their candidature

4.11 Nomination of Irish FISA umpires to international regattas

4.12 Interpreting the status of individual rowers in conjunction with the status rules

4.13 Providing regular updates to the Board in relating to umpiring matters

4.14 The Chair of the subcommittee to liaise with the CEO as necessary

4.15 Any other tasks delegated by the Board

5.  Meeting Frequency

Minimum of one meeting per annum.

6.  Board Reporting

The Committee will report twice per annum and their report should contain the following:

• Dates of what meetings have been held and attendance
• Plan of activities and objectives for the year
• Summary of activities since the last report
• Any actions requiring Board attention

7.  Membership 2013/2014

Chair: Kieran Kerr.

Members: John McGeehan, Ian James, Lisa O’Callaghan, Eamonn Colclough

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