Volunteer for June is Richard Hosford – Skibbereen Rowing Club

Congratulations to Richard Hosford from Skibbereen Rowing Club who is June’s Volunteer of the month.

Richard Hosford is a founding member of Skibbereen Rowing Club, which has been in existence since 1970. He purchased the clubs first boat, when the only facility was a pier and a field. He was key in  fund-raising and one of the main instigators in the construction of the present club buildings. Richard has also been instrumental in establishing and developing the clubs coaching structures and culture. Richard’s van heavily loaded with athletes, equipment and towing a boat trailer was a common sight at past regattas. This is not necessarily why he should be considered as volunteer of the month; it is for the continued energy he puts into every aspect of running our club.

He ensures that both the Summer and Schools rowing camps are an enjoyable learning experience for young kids new to rowing, while also assisting rowers at all levels from beginners through to masters to develop a passion for the sport and with his vast knowledge and calm manner helps ensure that all runs smoothly. He is central to the upkeep of the indoor and outdoor club facilities, usually one step ahead of everyone else in tackling whatever needs to be done, whether it is cleaning gutters, clearing waste ground or removing and replacing shower tiles. He is an active committee member and the current club Vice President.

The picture attached epitomises the commitment Richard has to rowing, spending two full days on a barge at our recent regatta at the NRC organising crews at the race start and still manages to come back to the Skibbereen tent with a big warm smile on his face and with a cup of tea in hand he chats about the day, all the while handing out warm thank you’s to all who helped make the day a success. One last job to do as he heads off to check that the rubbish bags are all sorted, that’s a rare commitment, but that’s Richards’s level of commitment to our club.

These are some of the reasons why Richard is a linchpin within our club and is driven not only by his pride in what it has already achieved but by the potential of what it’s present and future athletes can aspire to. With almost fifty years of giving generously of his time to the sport of rowing and to Skibbereen Rowing Club we feel that it is time that we shout out loud about how amazing a man Richard is and why he should receive recognition from Rowing Ireland for his outstanding contribution to rowing in Ireland.

Still smiling on day two at the recent Skibb regatta.

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