Volunteer of the Month-Padraig Lohan BISH Rowing Club

The winner of Volunteer of the Month is Padraig Lohan from BISH Rowing Club.

BISH Rowing Club wrote:

“Padraig is a stalworth of the BISH Rowing Club. He commenced his interest in Rowing when his son Timothy started rowing in 1990. Tim went on to win Irish Championships and represent Ireland at the Coupe De La Jeunesse.

Since the 1990’s Padraig has held several committee positions in the BISH Rowing Club and went on to establish the famous BISH Kitchen and traveling tent – the 1st club in the Country to boost a traveling kitchen and tent. Padraig has feed 1,000’s of BISH Men over the years and plenty of alumni, friends, supporters and strays since. He has traveled the length and breath of the country and on to the UK and Ghent.

Padraig is also a keen boat man and is always the 1st down to the club to ensure there is petrol and a working running engine for the morning spin. He will then set off with another coach and drive the launch while picking out technical issues and keeping the cox in line with steering tips.

Padraig is also a keen Boatswain – he is able to fix any and all issues with racing boats, oars, foot stretchers, trailers etc. – you name it and Padraig can and will fix it.

The BISH Rowing Club would be lost without Padraig Lohan and so we think that without question he is a worthy winner for the Volunteer of the Month of December.”

Well done Padraig you are a testament to your club.


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