World Championships – Daily results and round up

Sunday 31st August 2014

The final day of the World Rowing Championships, Amsterdam started with the Women’s double scull racing in the B Final at 10:40. The newly formed double of Helen Walshe and Monika Dukarska had only been training together for 6 weeks.  They had a really good race and came in 5th beating the top Danish double into sixth place (11th overall).

The penultimate race of the day was one that all the Irish were waiting for with a big contingent of supporters it was going to be an exciting one. The atmosphere among the crowd at the Bosbaan was mounting and excitement building with medal ceremonies already in full swing,  Sanita Puspure knew she would have a hard task ahead of her with the top five scullers in the World to contend with. Puspure had drawn the far outside lane (six) beside Australian sculler and reigning World Champion Kim Crowe. Jingli of China was in lane 4 and beside her in lane three hotly tipped New Zealander Emma Twigg, Lobnig of Austria was in lane two and Levina of Russia in lane one.

Puspure had a good start but was in fifth place with Levina  in sixth, Crowe who was off the blocks quickly was in first place at the 500m mark. There was nothing in it and Puspure tried to edge ahead, at 1000m Puspure was still in fifth place with Twigg taking the lead Crowe in second and Jingli in third. At 500m Puspure fought back and overtook Lobnig it looked like she was gaining on the Jingli as she continued to push. Puspure just missed out on a medal by 1.17 second and she had the  fastest last 500m of the race .  A big disappointment for this dedicated Irish sculler, who went out to win. But a great season for the Cork based Athlete who took a bronze at the European Championships and now is 4th in the World.

The Rowing Ireland team are now on track to be back at the top of World Rowing with a set of great World Championships results from all of the team.

Overall World Ranking

W1X (Sanita Puspure): 4th

ML1X (Paul O’Donvoan) 4th

LW2X (Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh) 14th

W2- (Leonora Kennedy and Lisa Dilleen) 8th

ML2- (Niall Kenny and Mark O’Donovan) 10th

W2X (Monika Dukarska and Helen Walshe) 11th

W4- (Bairbre O’Brien, Aifric Keogh, Marie O’Neill & Emily Tormey   ) 10th




Saturday 30th August 2014

Day Seven World Rowing Championships

The seventh day of the World Rowing Championships, Amsterdam was a quiet one for the Irish with only one race, the B final of the women’s pair. Leonora Kennedy and Lisa Dilleen have only been together for just four months and already are one of the top ten crews in the World. The B final featured International crews from Russia, Serbia, Canada, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

The Irish girls started in lane two with the Russian’s beside them in lane one. They had a fast start with the Russian’s just slightly ahead of them and this continued the whole way down the course. In the last 500m stroke Lisa Dilleen called for a push  with bow Leonora Kennedy backing her up, they looking like they would catch the Russian’s with only with only .77 of a second between them but the Russians fought back winning by just over three seconds.

The Irish duo finished a strong second and the Serbians took third. A good placing of 8th in the World to finish their first International season for the newly formed crew, who surely have a great future ahead of them.

Tomorrow Ireland will race in the B final  of  the Women’s double scull at 10:43. The penultimate race of the day is the final of the Women’s Single scull at 14;18 with Sanita Puspure in lane 6. The line up is as follows: Lane one: Russia, Lane two, Austria, Lane three: New Zealand, Lane four: China, Lane five: Austria.

We will have live coverage on twitter.

Friday 29th August 2014

Day Six World Rowing Championships

Day six started (10:00) at the Bosbaan with the Irish lightweight double of Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh. The double were in third place off the start with the Russians leading and the Swiss in second place. At the 1000m the Irish double edged into second place and continued to fight for placing with the Russians the whole way down the course. The Russians edged back into first place in the last few metres winning by only just under two seconds.

The next race for Team Ireland was the Women’s 4- . This highly competitive event was always going to be a hard task, the Irish were fourth off the start and kept this placing for the complete race with the home nation coming home to win by over seven seconds ahead of Italy and Germany.

The men’s lightweight pair were up next in their B final. They were fourth off the start and dropped to fifth at the 1000m mark. The Chinese had just missed out on an A final placing yesterday and were out to win this race. The Irish crew of Mark O’Donovan and Niall Kenny ramped up the pace in the last 500m to come in 4th.  Giving them an overall placing of 10th overall.

Sanita Puspure raced shortly afterwards in the Women’s single sculls. The women’s single scull is always a tough class event and this semi-final was no different with the New Zealander Emma Twigg and winner at World Cup II Aiguebelette as well as Lithuanian Lina Saltyte who is current World Champion to contend with. Sanita had a good start and was in third place with Emma Twigg taking the lead and Magdalena Lobnig of Austria in second place. The American sculler Genevra Stone pushed Puspure the whole way down the course but Sanita kept her form and stayed ahead. The initially placing’s stayed throughout the race with Emma Twigg coming in first, Lobnig second and Puspure third. Puspure will now race on Sunday at 14:18 (CET).

Everyone was on tender hooks waiting for the first Irish final of the event a category that Ireland have always done well in. With a large contingent of Irish supporters now gathering at the Bosbaan the excitement was rising. The lanes had been changed by the organisers due to high wind and the winners of previous semi-finals were now given lanes one and two and those who took lower placing’s were given the outside lanes. O’Donovan started in lane four and was in sixth place off the start while the Italian Miani took the lead. O’Donovan edged his way up to fifth place by 1000m mark and into fourth by the 1500m but the Italian was storming ahead with the German Hartig in second and the Swiss in third. O’Donovan came in fourth in a personal best time of 6:53:28 disappointing to not be in the medals but a very impressive performance by the 20 years old, Skibbereen Man and UCD student. The Australian Perry Ward who got a silver medal at World Cup I in Sydney came in fifth and the Portuguese sculler and European Champion Pedro Fraga was in sixth.

Tomorrow’s races are as follows:

12:41 Women’s pair Final B (CET)

Thursday 28th August 2014

Day Five World Rowing Championships Amsterdam

(All times are Irish, Amsterdam being on hour ahead).

The men’s lightweight pair of Niall Kenny and Mark O’Donovan were in sixth position off the blocks. In the first start the French who were in the lane beside the Irish got off too early and a false start declared, they fought hard the whole way down the course. In the end the Swiss came in first with the French three seconds behind in second place and the Australians third. The Irish came sixth in a time of 6:46:40.

The final race of the day for the Irish featured Paul O’Donovan in the Men’s lightweight single scull, an event that Ireland has thrived at over the years with three Gold medals in this event. O’Donovan was in sixth place off the start and little by little fought back to achieve third placing by 1000m. He stormed through in the last 500m and battled with Miani from Italy, Ward from Australia and Zhao from China. With less than 3 seconds separating first to fourth, O’Donovan pulled through to second place with his renowned surge in the last 300m gaining him a place in the A final tomorrow at 15:45 Irish time.

Two challenging races have taken place so far for our crews at the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam. In the A semi-final of the women’s pair Leonora Kennedy and Lisa Dilleen were in third place off the blocks with USA in first and Australia second. By 1000m they were holding their fourth place and kept the pressure on until 1500m. In the final 500m they dropped to fifth place following a  surge by the USA, New Zealand and Australia. A well fought race by the Irish pair in a challenging event. They will be very disappointed to go into the B final but are positive about going forward to challenge the opposition. They will race on Saturday at 10:33.

The women’s lightweight double of Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh raced next in a four boat C/D Semi Final. It was a close race the whole way with little more than a length between the Danish, the Irish and the Russian crews with the Argentinians behind for most of the race. In the last 500m it was bow ball for bow ball with all three top crews fighting for a better place. The final result Denmark first (7:25:98), Ireland second (7:26:35) and Russia third (7:26:65). They will now race in the C Final on Friday at 10:01.

Tomorrow the following crew’s will race:

Women’s 4- B final 12:23

Men’s lightweight 2- B final 12:37

Men’s lightweight 1X A final 15:45

Women’s lightweight double C final 10:01

Women’s scull semi-final 14:35

Women’s double scull semi-final 13:35

Wednesday 27th August 2014

Day Four of the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam commenced for the Irish with Paul O’Donovan competing in the quarter finals of the men’s lightweight sculls. With an upset in the previous heat caused by the hotly tipped U-23 World medallist Andrew Campbell jrn catching a crab and overturning it has left this field very open.

O’Donovan was in fifth place until 1000 metres mark where he stormed through to catch the Russian sculler who had led off the blocks. A 500m O’Donovan challenged the Danish sculler and rowed through. He finished in 2nd place behind Germany with only 1.11 of a second between the first and second boats. The UCD based sculler will now go through to the semi-final tomorrow, Thursday at 12:31 Irish time.

The Women’s double scull of Helen Walshe and Monika Dukarska had a cracking race. They trailed in third place the whole way and edged ahead at every stroke until the last 200m where their determination finally paid off, they overtook the Romanians who were in second. The USA took first the Irish double second thus gaining them a place in the semi-final Friday at 12:45

In the Women’s 4- the Irish crew came sixth and will go through to the B final on Friday.

In the final race of the day Sanita Puspure competed in the Womens sculls. Puspure stormed off the start with a lead and kept it all the way until the last 250m where the Russian sculler and Sanita fought it out for first place. Sanita came second in a great strong race and is through to the semifinals at 14:35 tomorrow.

First race of the day is tomorrow at 8.37. With the women’s pair.

We wish all our crews the very best of luck in the coming days. 

Tuesday 26th August 2014

The third day of the World Rowing Championships, Amsterdam was a quiet one for Rowing Ireland crews with only one race, the Women’s lightweight double scull of Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh. The double started well off the blocks with the reigning World champions Italy taking the lead who were followed swiftly by the Swedes.

At 1000m the Irish put a push on and pulled into second place where they kept the placing until the last 250m. The Swedes stormed through in the last 200m to take the second qualifying place in the A/B Semi Final, by point fifty of a second.

It was a well fought race for the Irish double in this the only women’s Olympic lightweight event and they will be disappointed to go to the C/D semi-final’s.

The double will race in the C/D semi Final on Thursday at 9:10 (Irish Time).

World Rowing have postponed racing for the rest of the day due to a cross wind (giving an unfair advantage from lane 5). It should not affect Irish crews who will have a busy day’s racing tomorrow. Quarter Finals and repechage will at 13:40 with Paul O’Donovan in the men’s lightweight scull. Followed by the Women’s double of Helen Walshe (Hannigan) and Monika Dukarska at 14:50. At 15:32 the Women’s Four will race and the final race of the day for the Irish will be Sanita Puspure in the Women’s scull at 16:07 (all times are Irish, Amsterdam being one hour ahead)

Monday 25th August 2014

The second day of the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam continued with Irish crew’s racing this afternoon.

The first race of the day was the men’s lightweight pair. The record time for this event, set almost 20 years ago, is still held by Ireland’s Tony O’Connor and Neville Maxwell.

It was always going to be a tough heat for Mark O’Donovan and Niall Kenny against reigning World and European Champions, Switzerland and the fast Chinese crew who were also seeded in the same heat. The Swiss were up by ½ length at the 650m mark with the Irish in second place. The Irish stepped on the pace at 1000m and in the last 750m gained on the World Champions with China also putting pressure on in lane six. The Irish pair stormed home to win with China taking second and Switzerland in third. The pair now go straight through to the Semi Final on Thursday at 13:01.

The Women’s double scull of Monika Dukarska and Helen Walshe (Hannigan) raced next, with the reigning World Champions, Lithuania, in their heat. The Lithuanians and Ukrainians stormed ahead and the Irish had their own battle with Denmark for 3rd place. The Danes came in .54 seconds ahead of the Irish. The double will now race in the repechage on Wednesday at 14:50

The final race of the day for the Irish was the newly formed Women’s Four. With two to qualify for the ¼ Finals they came in fifth place and will go through to the repechage on Wednesday at 15:32 Irish Time.

Tomorrow the Irish team have one race scheduled, the Women’s lightweight double of Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh will race at 15:25.

Please note time’s given are Irish Times as Amsterdam is one hour ahead.

In a roundup of today’s events Lead Coach Don McLachlan said “It was an excellent result for the men’s lightweight pair. They confidently rowed down a good Swiss pair in what was their first International race together this season. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do in the semi-final and beyond. The women’s double raced well for the first time together and are looking to see if they can step on for a place in the A/B semi-final. The Women’s four had a tough time with the early pace in their heat but I’m sure they will come out fighting in the repechage.”

Sunday 24th August 2014

The first day of the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam got off to a great start for the Irish crews at the newly developed Bosbaan Course.

With a team of 14 Ireland are out to prove that they are more than capable of securing medals and top placings.

The weather picked up from yesterdays rain and thunder storms to glorious sunshine. However, conditions were tough with a strong tail wind at the Bosbaan course.

In the men’s lightweight scull Paul O’Donovan rowed well and took third place at 500m behind Portugal and Australia. The race was fought between these three scullers to the end, with O’Donovan taking an overall third place in a personal best time of 6:56. He will now go through to the Quarter Final.

Next up was the Women’s pair of Leonora Kennedy and Lisa Dilleen with the British World Champions and Olympic medal holders to contend with in their Heat. The Irish girls kept their placing the whole way down the course keeping Canada, who challenged them at 1500m, at bay. Ireland took second place gaining them a place in what will be a tough quarter final.

The third Irish race of the day was that of lightweight double Claire Lambe and Denise Walsh and it was always going to be a challenging race. Heat 1 started well with the Irish double in lane six getting a good start and leaving nothing between themselves, Australia and Germany. This sequence continued for the whole race with Lambe and Walsh taking third place, with only 2 seconds between the Irish, the Germans and winners Australia. The Irish double will now go through to the repechage.

The final race of the day for Team Ireland finished on a high note with the coveted Women’s single scull event. European Bronze medallist Sanita Puspure raced against European Silver medallist Lisa Scheenard (Dutch). Puspure stormed ahead of the Chinese sculler and took the lead the 1000m mark. She powered home and looked strong throughout the race and took first place in the heat to win by well over 3 seconds to beat Dutch, Chinese and Croatian scullers. Puspure will now race in the quarter finals.

A perfect finish to an excellent first day of Rowing for the Irish squad at the World Rowing Championships.

Tomorrows racing will continue for Irish crews with the lightweight mens pair of Niall Kenny and Mark O’Donovan at 13:19. At 15:11 the Womens double of Helen Walshe and Monika Dukarska and the Women’s four will have their first race of the event at 16:00. (All Irish time).


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