Following discussion with Met Éireann about the residue of tropical Storm Alex passing over Ireland this weekend, the Race Committee has regrettably decided to cancel this year’s Lough Rynn Regatta.

This is due to a number of factors:

  • These most unseasonable conditions forecast for Saturday 11th would make for unfair racing in westerly lanes and possibly mean unsafe conditions with winds up to 30km/h and gusts of more than 40km/h.
  • There are increased risks of convective winds due to the storm which means that apparent speeds could increase on the day.
  • Conditions may not improve considerably by Sunday 12th.

The Committee appreciates the effort required to mobilise to a regatta with trailer loading, travelling and arranging accommodation etc and so wants to reduce risks to participating clubs by providing an early announcement.

We would like to thank the following:

  • All of the Clubs who had entered and Rowing Ireland
  • All of the volunteers who had committed to supporting us this weekend including the local Gardaí, civil defense, food suppliers and county council staff; and,
  • Particularly the Regatta Committee who had put several months preparation into the event.

As the only FISA quality course in Ireland, we know that the venue is unique and special from a racing perspective, and we look forward to organising future events here.

LRR Race Committee