Our Board

The organisation is overseen by a strong voluntary Board of Directors, elected annually at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We have an experienced Board made up of individuals with a variety of skills and

The role of the Board is clearly defined in the Company Memorandum and Articles of Association and in a Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board but in brief, it is to provide strategic direction and oversight.

In line with Sport Ireland Governance Code for sport, Rowing Ireland is committed to term limits of maximum eight to ten years.

Company Officers

Chair of the Board

Secretary of the Board

Aisling Carpenter




Connacht & Ulster



Northern Ireland


Philip Quinn

Aoibheann Treacy

Aisling Carpenter

* Notes
The Connacht/Ulster Director was appointed as Company Chair.
An Independent director was appointed Treasurer.
The CEO, Michelle Carpenter, is invited to all Board Meetings.

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