So what made this website? Well a whole host of technology, techniques and one or two lines of code 🙂

WordPress: it drives 25% of the worlds website. Far more than a blogging engine it once started out to be. Now a fully fledged Content Management System, one that powers this site.

The framework is used to control the responsive layout so it looks good on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone it makes no difference you get the same site.

Typography on the web has been revolutionised by the advent of ‘web-fonts’, that is something other than Arial or Georgia. Google have a fine repository of fonts now available for use. The text is set with the ‘Late’ family.

jQuery, the ubiquitous JavaScript library ads dimension and interactivity, plus ’under-the-hood’ control used through out the site.

All of this was written on an Apple Mac Book Pro using Visual Studio Code by Chris Carpenter, please feel free to email with questions.

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