Health and Safety


Safety has become an increasingly important issue in sport and in our daily lives. Rowing is a very safe sport when conducted with due consideration for the risks inherently associated with any outdoor water sport.

Everyone involved in rowing has a duty of care to ensure their actions both on and off the water are conducted in a manner which does not compromise the safety of others. Rowing Ireland has the responsibility to develop and maintain a culture of safe practice to advise all our clubs that they can support everyone involved in the sport in their efforts to achieve this.

All decisions regarding safety at rowing clubs and rowing events should be based on risk management as no safety document can possibly cover all situations. By continually assessing likely risks and taking action to manage them, some generalised standards can be developed, enabling us to provide guidance on how to avoid and take action regarding unforeseen hazardous situations.

All clubs have a responsibility to provide information, education and training about safety to their members. Individual members also have a responsibility to find out, learn, question and implement safety best practice. It is essential that all clubs register their members with Rowing Ireland to ensure full cover for all members. In addition, clubs need to take into account their own local risks and should conduct risk assessments regularly.

Having safety in mind at all times is an important part of what it means to be a club member.

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