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We offer a range of courses to our registered members. We have developed a hybrid learning approach for the delivery of our Coach Education Program courses through the use of virtual online training and real-world practical experience. As part of this fresh approach to coach education, we are reviewing course content as well as updating and upgrading presentations in line with Sport Ireland Coaching best practices.

Introduction to Coaching Course

This introductory coaching course is suitable for beginner coaches and parents willing to get involved with helping in the club. Also juniors and students aged 16+ with some rowing experience, but no coaching experience, will benefit from this course. At the end of this course you will be able to assist club coaches on the water and in the gym.

On the course we introduce coaching methods, rowing technique, safety and welfare awareness, communication and session planning. The cost for the course is €80.

For more details and to register for the course see here.

Level 1 Coaching Course

We have finalized the delivery of our Level 1 course. It will cover the same syllabus as before but delivered in a new fresh way to take advantage of online learning.

Over the duration of the course you will have the opportunity to learn about coaching best practices to enable you to support and develop rowing talent both on and off the water. This is the second step on the Rowing Ireland ‘Coaching Pathway’ and will certify you to become a Level 1 Coach in your club. Successful completion of this course will typically enable you to coach Junior 12 to Junior 18 athletes and adults from novice to intermediate grades.

With over 27 hours of learning in total between online lessons and practical sessions covering S&C, rigging and coaching practice, the course cost of €320 represents excellent value.

For more details and to register for the course see here

Level 2 Coaching Course

We will commence a Level Two coaching course in September and registration is now open below. Delivery will be through on-line modules and in person attendance at water and gym-based activities over the course of 6 months.

The entry criteria for Level Two are as follows:  

You will be 19 years of age or older and be currently active in coaching.

You will be currently registered with Rowing Ireland.

You will hold a Level One certificate and be coaching for at least two seasons after completion of the Level one course.

Candidates will be required to sign on to abide by the Rowing Ireland Safety Code and the Code of Ethics/Good Conduct.

You will have completed Garda Vetting/AccessNI within the last three years and will have attended a Safeguarding course.

You will be expected to attend selected additional seminars and workshops.

You will be required to fill in a detailed coaching history to allow us to review your suitability to take this course and we reserve the right to defer applicants if we feel you haven’t yet met our criteria.

Course Contents will include:

What makes a good coach?Goal Setting.
Coaching Skills.Communication Skills.
Athlete Drop out & Retention.Fundamental Movement Skills.
Long term Athlete Pathway.Rowing Physiology.
The Female Triad.Elite & Lightweight Rowers.
Season & Event Planning.Sports Psychology.
Nutrition for training and competing.Training principles, requirements of the sport.
The R.I. technical model.Drills and technique development.
Rigging theory & practical application.  On the water coaching observed assessments with a L3 or HP coach.
Lactate Testing theory & practice. 

S&C is an important element of the Level Two course and will be presented over two days in a suitable gym. This module (and the Level One S&C module which anyone signing up for Level Two must have attended in the last 3 years) will be offered as a standalone module to coaches who wish to gain knowledge in this field, but who cannot sign on for the full course.

Coaches will be required to present on various topics (rigging, technique, training programme development) for group discussion. Coaches are expected to engage in critical analysis of their own and other coaches’ presentations.

Coaches will also be required to keep a coaching log for at least three months and show the application of the course learnings, including being able to show how their coaching philosophy influences their training programme.

You will have to attend a regional development camp with your own athletes or take part in running a provincial development camp. Coaches will be given a development task as part of the camp.

Finally, we will be inviting senior coaches and athletes from the HP environment to share their experiences with you over the course.

Strength Training for L1 and L2 Coaches

We are developing a suite of S&C courses that fit into the L1 and L2 pathways but that also are open to other coaches who wish to top up their Strength Training skills.

Code of Ethics/Child Protection Awareness/Safeguarding 1:  

We recommend you look to your Local Sport Partnership for courses. Find contact details here

Should you require any further coaching information don’t hesitate to contact our Coach Education Co-ordinator.



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