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We offer a range of courses to our registered members. We have developed a hybrid learning approach for the delivery of our Coach Education Program courses through the use of virtual online training and real-world practical experience.

Introduction to Coaching Course

This introductory coaching course is suitable for beginner coaches and parents willing to get involved with helping in clubs. Juniors and students aged 16+ with some rowing experience, but no coaching experience, will also benefit from this course.

By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to assist club coaches both on the water and in the gym.

During this course, we cover a wide range of essential topics, including coaching methods, rowing technique, safety and welfare awareness, effective communication, and session planning.

Course Fee: €80

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Level One Coaching Course

Our Level One Coaching Course teaches best coaching practices for both on-water and off-water training. Completing this course will equip you to coach Junior 12 to Junior 18 athletes and novice to intermediate adults.

This course combines over 27 hours of online lessons and practical sessions covering topics like strength and conditioning, rigging, and coaching practice.

Course Fee: €320

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Level Two Coaching Course

The Level Two coaching course is the next step of development for coaches. The course is delivered over a 6 month period through online and in-person seminars.

Level Two Course Contents:

Lactate Testing theory & practiceStrength and Conditioning
Coaching Skills.Communication Skills
Athlete Drop out & RetentionFundamental Movement Skills
Long term Athlete PathwayRowing Physiology
The Female TriadElite & Lightweight Rowers
Season & Event PlanningSports Psychology
Nutrition for training and competingTraining principles, requirements of the sport
The R.I. technical modelDrills and technique development
Rigging theory & practical application.  On the water coaching observed assessments with a L3 or HP coach
Lactate Testing theory & practiceGoal Setting

Course Fee:   €650 However, to facilitate payment, we can split the cost over the 6 month period.

In order to register for the Level Two Coaching Course you must fulfil certain entry requirements

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HIIT for Rowing Workshop – online

Rowing Ireland Coach Education presents an opportunity to be updated on the most recent developments in interval training specifically for rowing. It will challenge your current knowledge in this area and should provide you with both the theory and practical knowledge to tailor your training programmes to maximum advantage.

This online workshop has been developed by and will be delivered by Sport Ireland Coach Developer Luke Smyth. Luke holds a MSc. in Sports Performance from U.L. and is a Rowing Ireland Level Two coach.

This workshop is aimed at experienced coaches working with Championship level crews.

Course Fee: €10

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Coaching Teenage Girls Workshop THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL

When 1 in 2 girls drops out of our sport, what can we do? Come to our workshop to find out!

The Coaching Teenage Girls in Sport workshop has been developed through a collaboration between Sport Ireland Coaching and their partners and adapted by Rowing Ireland Coach Education.

Workshop Content

The workshop is made up of four main modules:

  1. Drop-out And Engagement in Girls’ Rowing and Physical Activity​.
  2. Meeting the Psycho-Social Needs of Girls in Rowing.
  3. Key Considerations for Coaching Girls 12-17 years – Body image & Maturation​.
  4. Preparing for the Challenges of Adolescence in Girls.

Coach Learning Resources

As well as the workshop, which is delivered by Robin Winkels and Jessica O’Keeffe, both trained Coach Developers, the learning resources provided for each coach consists of:

  • Pre-workshop task: A pre-workshop task to get each coach to think about good coaching practice with teenage girls.
  • Reflective journal: After each section of the workshop each coach gets the opportunity to consider how the content may apply to their coaching.
  • Coach’s manual: This consists of the content of the workshop, allowing the coach to read and review what was covered in each section of the workshop.
  • Let’s Get Real tasks: These are for use post-workshop to support coaches to transfer their learning to their practical coaching, with the girls they coach, in their club environment.

Key Takeaways

The 3-hour workshop provides an excellent start-point. Highly recommended for both male and female coaches, it raises awareness of the challenges for teenage athletes and stimulates increased understanding, inspiration, and action to engage teenagers in rowing.

It is especially valuable for male coaches as they may not have lived experience and particularly seek more knowledge around the physical and emotional impact puberty has on girls in a sporting context. This is particularly difficult for male coaches to grasp without that specific education.

Course Fee €10

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