Club Governance


The sporting landscape is changing. Funding, sponsorship, recruitment, ethics, welfare and liability, are all matters of importance to clubs, along with the sporting aims of the club and its members.

Each club has a number of systems and processes in place to provide guidance on areas such as developing rowing and other activities; managing its members, coaches, and other personnel; the planning, reviewing, and improving process.

Some of these systems may not exist in a club, or could be improved, better recorded, or better understood. There are many examples of good practice in our clubs already, but sometimes we are not ambitious enough to look outside the club, our sport, or our industry. In line with Sport Ireland Governance Code for sport, Rowing Ireland is committed to term limits and we advise clubs to also follow the same governance code for sport in line in Sport Ireland.

Rowing Ireland has worked continuously to make improvements in areas such as Governance, Safety, Talent ID, Coach Development, Rules and Tracker. We have produced a variety of templates and support documents to illustrate good practice across the areas considered essential to rowing clubs. These are available to all of our clubs to use as templates or as a guide and can be downloaded below. The benefits of using these documents include:

  • Develop top quality clubs and raise their profiles.
  • Promote best practice and strong governance from within clubs.
  • Provide information, guidance, and support for clubs.
  • Recognise & reward clubs for their achievements.
  • Provide planning tools.
  • Develop effective policies, procedures, and structures.
  • Develop a club workforce (coaches, volunteers, and administrators).
  • Help to recruit and retain members and to increase membership.
  • Increase opportunities for clubs to gain financial aid and recognition.

Rowing Ireland has complied with the Governance Code of Ireland which is managed by Sport Ireland.


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