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Greenblades is a fundraising initiative launched by Rowing Ireland in 2019 to help support our international U23, Junior and development squads.

Greenblades, a fundraising initiative launched by Rowing Ireland in 2019, is dedicated to supporting our international U23, Junior, and development squads through the sale of Rowing Ireland apparel and gifts.

Where Does Your Contribution Go?

Your generous contributions are channeled directly into supporting the success and aspirations of our U23 and Junior athletes. The funds are allocated towards:

  1. Competition Expenses: Covering the costs associated with athletes’ participation, travel, accommodation, equipment, training, and competitive attire.
  2. Accommodation for Relocated Athletes: For athletes who have made the choice to relocate to The National Rowing Center, Cork in their pursuit of representing Ireland, Greenblades assists with accommodation costs.

The funds raised by Greenblades are distributed to ensure that all athletes, both carded and non-carded, who compete at the U23 and Junior European Championships, benefit equally from the financial assistance.

Why Greenblades Over Individual Fundraising?

Rowing Ireland has chosen to centralise its fundraising through Greenblades to ensure fairness and effectiveness. This approach levels the playing field for all athletes, recognising that some may not have the same support structures as others. By consolidating our efforts through Greenblades, we guarantee that all raised funds are distributed equally among our U23 and Junior athletes.


We want to ensure that when an athlete chooses rowing they do not face barriers to entry. Our rowers don’t receive funding until they reach a certain level and until then their parents and family must support them. Together, we can help row behind our team to podium gold.

You too can make a difference to our next generation of rowers,

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Our objective is to make Irish rowing accessible to everyone. Our shop gives you the opportunity to support our athletes whilst purchasing some great quality, officially branded apparel and gifts all year round. All profits from sales will be invested in Greenblades which will go directly to supporting our High-Performance athletes on their journeys (Junior/U23 and Senior).

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