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Our goal is simple: to ensure that all athletes get every chance they can to represent Ireland at all levels.

What is Greenblades?

Greenblades is a fundraising initiative launched by Rowing Ireland in 2019 to help support our international U23, Junior and development squads.

Where will that money be spent?

The funds will go towards the costs for the U23 and Junior athletes to compete; their travel, accommodation, equipment, training and competitive clothing. It will also cover the accommodation costs for athletes that have relocated to Cork to train to represent Ireland.

Is breakfast for the athletes in the National Rowing Centre supported?

This is one of our strategic goals of Greenblades. Greenblades was launched with breakfast as one of the services, however, due to current government guidelines, it is not possible for the preparation and delivery of meals in the National Rowing Centre.

Will the funding cover the carded and as well as the non-carded athletes?

Yes. The money raised by Greenblades will cover all athletes competing at the U23 and Junior European Championships equally.

Why can’t the athlete’s use GoFundMe like previous years?

Rowing Ireland believes that having Greenblades as a central fundraising platform is more effective and fairer for our athletes. Some of our athletes may not have as large a support structure as others have and could struggle to raise the funds required to relocate, train and compete. All of the funds raised by Greenblades will be distributed equally among our U23 and Junior athletes.


We want to ensure that when an athlete chooses rowing they do not face barriers to entry. Our rowers don’t receive funding until they reach a certain level and until then their parents and family must support them. Together, we can help row behind our team to podium gold.

You too can make a difference to our next generation of rowers,

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Our objective is to make Irish rowing accessible to everyone. Our shop gives you the opportunity to support our athletes whilst purchasing some great quality, officially branded apparel and gifts all year round. All profits from sales will be invested in Greenblades which will go directly to supporting our High-Performance athletes on their journeys (Junior/U23 and Senior).