A reminder that the next erg monitoring will take place on Mon 21 and Tue 22 December. This testing is open to any athlete that has submitted the recent 2k and previous erg monitoring scores (unless medical cert was provided or with the agreement of the HPD in exceptional circumstances).

This will be the final ‘open’ test and subsequent testing will be invitation only based on an accumulation of data, erg scores, recent past performance etc. 

Please note the following important information

  • Results must be submitted to fran.keane@rowingireland.ie no later than 5pm Wednesday 23 December to be included in the official ranking. 
  • Any athlete unable to complete the tests must submit a medical cert and complete these tests, to a competitive nature, before rejoining the process
  • Scores will only be accepted on the official excel sheet attached and in the correct format  
  • Scores will only be accepted from members of Rowing Ireland affiliated clubs and competitive members of Rowing Ireland. (Overseas athletes must also be registered with an Irish club to take part in the selection process). 
  • Please find the suggested running order below
  • Coaches are again advised to share the RI benchmark document attached with their athletes prior to submitting these scores
  • Lightweight athletes- while there is no official body weight for this test bodyweight must be submitted with scores and the suggested body weight for this test is <75kg LM and <62kg LW