Enniskillen Royal Boat Club has released a new book that details the history of the boat club and is now available for purchase.

This 196-page volume with over 200 photographs tells the story of rowing at Portora from 1858 until 2020.

The book charts the history of the Club from very informal beginnings in the mid-Victorian era when only a handful of boys from the school were involved, to the first decades of the twenty first century when a well organised structure was required to give over one hundred and fifty boys from all the schools in Enniskillen a chance to enjoy and excel at rowing.

The book is written by Robert Northridge and Iain Kennedy and makes a great Christmas present for any rowing enthusiast around the world.

Books are available to purchase from the Club, the school and they can be purchased and delivered through the link below


If anyone needs further information they can contact Robert Northridge by email robhannort@aol.com