Quarterfinals day is over, with half of the World Rowing Championships now completed. Some very tight races has Ireland progress into one more A/B Semi and three C/D Semis.

Brian Colsh (University of Galway BC) missed out on the Men’s Scull A/B Semi progression by just 1.83 seconds. In one of the fastest Quarterfinals, Colsh was narrowly beaten on the line by Piotr Plominski, the sculler from Poland. Going bow ball to bow ball throughout the race with the Denmark sculler, the rower from Ireland kept up a tough fight, never giving in. Brian will race the C/D Semi tomorrow afternoon.

Queen’s University Belfast BC rower Hugh Moore, is also through to the C/D Semi tomorrow for the Men’s Lightweight Scull. Staying in the mix of the top four scullers throughout the race, Hugh always stayed in close contention to the three qualification spots. Ireland missed out by just 2.62 seconds, finishing fourth behind Italy, Algeria and Bulgaria.

The winning streak continues for O’Donovan and McCarthy as they go through to the A/B Semi tomorrow. The French Lightweight Double got out first from the start, but it wasn’t long before the crew from Ireland moved through them. Tomorrow they go up against New Zealand, Ukraine, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany.

In what was one of the closest races of the day, Phil Doyle (Belfast BC) and Konan Pazzaia (QUBBC) lost out on progression to the A/B Semi’s by the tightest of margins, just 0.03 of a second. Starting out well sitting in second position, Phil and Konan held this position through to the 1500m mark, but in the last 500m, the crews from the USA and Norway put on a big push and just nudged ahead of them on the line. Had the two rowers from Ireland been in any other Quarterfinal, their time of 6:22.14 would have been more than sufficient for qualification, being the sixth fastest overall.

All races are live streamed on the World Rowing Website HERE

Ireland Results

  • M1x Quarterfinal 4th -> C/D Semi
  • LM1x Quarterfinal 4th -> C/D Semi
  • LM2x Quarterfinal 1st -> A/B Semi
  • M2x Quarterfinal 4th -> C/D Semi

Thursday Schedule (IST)

  • 8:30am – PR2 Mix2x Repechage
  • 8:40am – LW1x A/B Semi
  • 9:20am – W2- A/B Semi
  • 10:05am – LW2x A/B Semi
  • 10:35am – LM2x A/B Semi
  • 10:45am – W4- A/B Semi
  • 11:05am – M4- A/B Semi
  • 2:05pm – LM1x C/D Semi
  • 2:25pm – M1x C/D Semi
  • 2:30pm – W1x C/D Semi
  • 3:15pm – M2x C/D Semi