For the upcoming 2023 season, athletes that wish to be considered for an invitation to train at the NRC and/or selection to the Rowing Ireland Senior/U23/U19 Teams must complete this nomination form in order to simplify the process and have all policies, agreements and required athlete information in one place. 

Only U23 and U19 athletes invited to the February trials are to complete this form. Any senior athlete must complete this nomination form to be eligible to take part at the February and subsequently to be considered part of the 2023 team. (U19 athletes who are still under the age of 18 on the invitation list must have their nomination completed by a parent)

Senior athletes eligible for Sport Ireland carding (based on SI and RI requirements) will only be considered for Rowing Ireland nomination for this carding on successful completion and submission of this nomination form by the deadline date shown below in order to have enough time to prepare the carding application if applicable.

Nomination does not guarantee an invitation to trials or to be part of the Senior Team.

The closing date for all athletes’ nominations is 5pm Wednesday 25th January 2023.

The terms and conditions in this Nomination Form commence on the date of submission of this Nomination Form and continue until 31 October 2023.

Please note that all information provided below will be managed and used by the High-Performance Team for 2023 and your information will not be used, shared or stored for any other purposes.

2023 Rowing Ireland Team Nomination Form (Senior A, U23, U19)

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Address (Required for Senior and U23 Athletes only)
I wish to nominate for(Required)
Rowing Preference(Required)
Rowing Side(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY
RI SELECTION POLICIES I acknowledge and agree that: 1. I have access to and will be bound by and observe the terms and conditions of the RI Policies (available in the downloads below) including, without limitation, the RI National Selection and Appeals Policies, the RI Event Requirements 2. the RI Policies may be amended from time to time. I will observe those policies as amended, and I acknowledge that any amendments to those policies will apply following notification on the RI Website or notification via email.(Required)
RI ATHLETES AGREEMENT – SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY -CODES OF CONDUCT I acknowledge and agree that I have read, fully understand and will be bound by and observe the terms and conditions of the RI Athletes Agreement, Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy (available in the download section below)(Required)
Parental/Legal Guardian consent for Participants under 18 years of age * (All Junior Athletes) I am the Participant’s parent and/or legal guardian. I: 1. acknowledge and agree that I have read and explained the contents of this Nomination Form and the RI policies named named above; 2. consent to the Participant being subject to the terms and conditions in this Nomination Form and associated policies; 3. declare that the statements made in this Nomination Form are to the best of my knowledge and belief true and correct.(Required)