2024 Club Affiliation


Rowing Ireland Club Affiliation Forms for the 2024 season.

**School and Universities One Day Affiliation

Select: Restricted Schools (€50)

Enter: School name, address, secretary email and insurance details – No other information is necessary **

Step 1 – Affiliation Form

Step 2 – Club Self Assessment Safety Audit

Step 3 – Payment

Please note that you must submit these forms before clicking on the payment link to avoid losing your work. We are only accepting electronic payments this year so please ensure you give yourself enough time for bank transfer payments. Any late fees into our accounts will incur a 10% late surcharge on their affiliation payment, even if they have sent it before the deadline.

If you have any questions, please use affiliations@rowingireland.ie or contact Pat Kiely – clubsupport@rowingireland.ie or margherita@rowingireland.ie for more information.

The first form is the Club Affiliation form. This form should be filled out first and submitted before moving onto the safety audit.

The second form is the Club Self Assessment Safety Audit and needs to be filled out separately.

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