We are delighted to announce Michelle McDonagh as August Volunteer of the Month!

Michelle has been an outstanding member of Shannon Rowing Club since she started rowing at a young age. She has held a number of roles in Shannon Rowing Club including Captain and Secretary. She has volunteered as Volunteer Manager for the Irish Championships for a number of years and has an incredible way of dealing with all the volunteers and organising them in a manner which only supports the events.

Michelle’s unwavering enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond her duties have not gone unnoticed. Her passion for the event and her dedication to supporting both participants and fellow volunteers have significantly contributed to the overall positive atmosphere and success of the Irish Championships.

Michelle has consistently demonstrated remarkable leadership and organizational skills in her role. She has been instrumental in coordinating and managing volunteers effectively and ensuring the smooth operation of the Irish Championships. Her ability to handle various responsibilities, manage teams, and resolve challenges has been crucial in making the event a success year after year.