The next Club Culture Workshop is on April 18th. Read more to sign up if your club hasn’t engaged in this exciting opportunity yet. If you have already engaged, we will email you a zoom link and reminder.

In January, Rowing Ireland announced the launch of the Club Culture Toolkit. This toolkit aims to assist clubs to achieve a great club culture and improve gender equality through a 12 step process. Since then we have run workshops to help your club facilitation of implementing the toolkit. Each workshop is different so its important to engage with each one.

This toolkit was designed through a process of research with the membership of Rowing Ireland via a survey of over 1150 members including junior rowers, masters rowers, senior rowers, coaches and committee members. The results highlighted gaps between the genders in terms of perceptions and attitudes. Positive club culture and gender equality practices are essential for progressive Rowing Ireland clubs.

A series of invaluable workshops will be held to support clubs through the process. These will be led by the women in sport officer and expert external facilitator Dave Denieffe. 

What your club needs to do next: Choose a club culture champion – someone from the committee who will attend the workshops and be able to feedback everything they learn to support your club development.

  • January 17th information session
  • February 21st 
  • April 18th (Sign Up BELOW) 7.00pm-9.00pm
  • September 5th 
  • November 21st 

This is what Rowing Ireland President, Neville Maxwell had to say: 

“I’m delighted to champion this project which holds tremendous value for clubs to get involved with. The clubs that get involved will be able to avail of development support in the toolkit workshops that will lift their club to new heights. Make sure you appoint a club culture champion within your club and get signed up to the February workshop to start the journey for your club.” 

The research project began in November 2021 after a successful application to the innovative research scheme by Sport Ireland and Healthy Ireland in the Sport Ireland Research Strategy 2021. Rowing Ireland worked together with Leading Sport Agency on this project to lead the research and the project was completed in November 2022. 

A series of workshops supporting clubs in implementation and use of the toolkit will take place throughout 2023, with the Rowing Ireland Women in Sport officer, Ceara O’Connor, and facilitator and sports governance expert Dave Denieffe Vice-President, Academic Affairs at South East Technological University and Club Development specialist. 

A full research report accompanying the toolkit can be downloaded below.