The Offshore Committee have worked with their team on a survey that they are asking clubs to complete. The survey will be open from Saturday 11th to Saturday 18th of March, and aims to gather information regarding the current level of expertise within the Clubs, as well as areas where the Committee can provide support. Your participation in this survey is highly valued and will help us to improve the quality of our work.

This is only one of the many initiatives and engagements planned by the Club and Athlete Development Committee for our coastal rowing cohort.

Coastal Coach Review 2023

Coach Information – Demographics

Coach Information – Education

Do you have an official (Rowing Ireland or other NGB) rowing coaching qualification?(Required)
Do you have a sport related qualification? E.g. Sports Science degree, PT etc.(Required)
What is the highest level of coaching qualification you have obtained?(Required)
Do you believe your coaching qualification has provided you with the necessary knowhow to coach?(Required)
Do you feel confident as a coach?(Required)
Do you intend to obtain a rowing coaching qualification in the next 12 months?(Required)

Coach Information – Experience

Did you row before?(Required)
How many years have you been coaching for?(Required)
What type of coaching do you engage in?(Required)
Select area/s that you would consider yourself to have expertise/are confident in?(Required)
Please select your top 5 areas of coaching you wish to receive support in(Required)
Where do you obtain coaching-related expertise/information?(Required)
What type of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) would you prefer?(Required)
Are you interested in participating in CPD courses?(Required)