Coastal Rowing


Coastal rowing in Ireland has gained significant recognition and organisation through Rowing Ireland as a key discipline of our sport. With Rowing Ireland at the helm, the sport has flourished, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

As the official organisation managing coastal rowing in Ireland, Rowing Ireland plays a crucial role in promoting the sport, coordinating competitions, and fostering a strong community of rowers ensuring the highest standards of governance and safeguarding and ensuring compliance with the Governance Code of Ireland as regulated by Sport Ireland.

Rowing Ireland’s recognition by World Rowing, the international governing body for the sport, highlights the country’s commitment to maintaining high standards and participating in global rowing events. This recognition not only allows Irish rowers to compete at the international level but also ensures that the sport in Ireland adheres to the established rules and regulations set by World Rowing.

Sport Ireland’s endorsement of Rowing Ireland as the National Governing body of rowing in Ireland further solidifies the organisation’s position as the official governing body for coastal rowing in the country. This recognition provides valuable support, resources, and funding opportunities that enable Rowing Ireland to organize and develop the sport at both the national and grassroots levels. Through collaborations with Sport Ireland, Rowing Ireland can implement initiatives to promote participation, support clubs and athletes, and enhance the overall growth of coastal rowing in Ireland. Additionally, the support and collaboration of the Department of Sport (Sports capital unit) recognises Rowing Ireland through its recognition by World Rowing as the National Governing body of all rowing in Ireland.

Becoming a member of Rowing Ireland as a coastal rower comes with a host of benefits that enhance your rowing experience and contribute to your overall development as an athlete. Firstly, being a member provides you with access to a supportive and inclusive community of rowers across the country. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow coastal rowing enthusiasts, share experiences, and build lifelong friendships within this passionate community.

Rowing Ireland gives access to a host of our affiliated member clubs. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rower aiming to improve your technique and performance, Rowing Ireland offers training programs and workshops designed to cater to rowers of all skill levels. The expertise and guidance of our club support and coach education team will help you refine your skills, increase your fitness levels, and reach your full potential as a coastal rower.

As a member of a Rowing Ireland affiliated club, you’ll have the chance to participate in various competitions, including the prestigious All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships. These events provide a platform for showcasing your talent, testing your skills against other rowers, and experiencing the thrill of competitive rowing in a supportive environment. Additionally, Rowing Ireland licenses regional and local regattas throughout the year, offering opportunities for friendly competition and camaraderie within your own community.

Furthermore, membership with Rowing Ireland affiliated club opens doors to Rowing Ireland and international rowing opportunities. As the National Governing Body recognized by World Rowing, Rowing Ireland facilitates participation in global rowing events, allowing you to represent Ireland on the international stage. This exposure not only broadens your horizons as a rower but also fosters personal growth, cultural exchange, and the chance to build lasting memories.

Overall, becoming a member of an affiliated Rowing Ireland club as a coastal rower provides you with a supportive community, access to top-notch training and coaching, opportunities for competition and growth, and the chance to represent your country on the global rowing stage. It is an investment in your personal and athletic development, offering a pathway to achieve your goals and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of coastal rowing.

Under the guidance of Rowing Ireland, the sport has seen increased participation and the development of talented rowers who have represented Ireland in international competitions. Rowing Ireland’s commitment to fostering a strong coastal rowing community is evident through their support of the Sport. By bringing rowers together from various coastal communities, We are passionate about strengthening the bonds within the sport, encouraging camaraderie, sportsmanship, and healthy competition.

With Rowing Ireland as the recognised National Governing Body, coastal rowing in Ireland continues to thrive and capture the imagination of rowers and spectators alike. The organisation’s efforts, along with the support of World Rowing and Sport Ireland, ensure that the sport remains vibrant, inclusive, and an integral part of Ireland’s rich maritime heritage.

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