Best of luck to the clubs and rowers competing in San Sebastian, Spain, for the European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships this week (27th-29th of October).

To follow along and find out more about the event – click HERE

The crews competing are –

National MF Endurance Crews

CM1x: Kealan Mannix

CM1x: Patrick Boomer

CW1x: Miriam Sheehan

Cmix2x: Patrick Boomer

Miriam Sheehan

Cmix2x: Xena Jordan

Tom Stafford

CW1x Monika Dukarska – (Injured)

Beach Sprint Team

CM1x: Kealan Mannix

CW1x: Xena Jordan

CMix2x: Miriam Sheehan

David Hussey

CJM1x: Michael O’Boyle

CJW1x: Meabh McNamara

CW!X: Monika Dukarska – (Injured)