Within Rowing Ireland, having good club communications is essential. Rowing Ireland strives to keep all clubs and members informed about the latest news, upcoming events, High Performance updates, and programs that are on offer.

The Rowing Ireland social media platforms are the most accessible way of getting up to date information, with approximately five posts a week going up on each platform. At present there are 9k followers on Instagram, 13.5k followers on Facebook, 9.5k followers on Twitter and 1.8k followers on LinkedIn. Rowing Irelands “Get Going Get Rowing” program for teenagers also has a combined 5k followers on the 3 platforms.  Rowing Ireland also has social platforms set up for numerous groups around the country to allow communication within these groups, including the Masters and Recreational rowing groups.

Aside from social media, the best places to go for information are the Rowing Ireland website and the weekly newsletter which are updated on a regular basis. To sign up for the weekly newsletter, click HERE.

A number of initiatives were undertaken to boost club communications, including this “Focus on Series”. Every Friday a different program or initiative is highlighted to inform the Rowing Ireland membership on what’s being done to support and improve our sport. Recent issues of the series delved into the topics of Women in Sport, the Get Going Get Rowing program, coaching courses, Tracker and the upcoming regatta season. Pictured above is the Sport for Business conference that was held in the NRC last April.

The Coach Education Pathway is currently offering four coaching courses, Introduction to Coaching, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Supporting coach development is critical to Irish rowing’s future and overall performance at all levels. Recent webinars on nutrition and safety have been hugely popular and information from them can still be found on the website.

Rowing Ireland is still aiming to strengthen communications with clubs and members. Linked below are the social media platforms and if anyone has any information or photos about your upcoming events or regattas that you would like to have promoted on the Rowing Ireland platforms, make sure to contact Clara at communications@rowingireland.ie or 0863986563.

Instagram – @rowingireland

Facebook – Rowing Ireland

Twitter – @RowingIreland

LinkedIn – Rowing Ireland