Now more than ever, with the increased cost of living, clubs have to take a strong look at how they can become more self-sufficient. There are many options in place for clubs to consider when trying to raise funds. Many clubs do these but for those who are looking for idea’s there are some options.

They may not suit every club but they may give a few clubs some ideas on how to raise extra funds.

Before fund raising can be discussed it is important for every club to have a working sub-committee to look at fundraising. Its a good idea to share the workload and our clubs to look outside of their coaching group for volunteers to help with fundraising. Often the athlete’s parents are the best group to call on and some parents have great corporate skillset that they are delighted to bring to clubs. A core group of 4 to 5 parents with a committee member works best when considering fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising ideas:

  • The Regatta/Head shop: Many clubs around the country run regattas or heads once a year, this is an ideal opportunity to raise some extra income for the club. A BBQ in the shop offering hot food, hot soup and hot pastas is often a great source of fundraising for the club. Call on the greater group of volunteers to run the shop and volunteer baked goods to be sold on the day. A good shop ran right could easily earn a club a profit of €2000 plus on a given day.
  • Table Quiz: Table quizzes are very easy to organise and are also a very easy way of earning money for the club.  Look for a local Bar/Hotel to host the event, look for a quiz master within the club who is “a bit of fun” charge €10 per head for a table of 4 and off you go.

 A local club ran a table quiz recently with 80+ tables filled. Clubs could be looking at running a table quiz at least once a year. Also look at doing a raffle at the table quiz with spot prizes as an extra little earner. If ran right a table quiz could earn a club a €3000 profit in one night.

  • Rowathan/flag days: Flag days were hugely popular many years ago but nowadays they are not so popular (Covid being one of the main reasons here). Clubs can organise a Rowathon instead of a flag day in local supermarkets aimed towards specific events e.g. A rowathon to fund our athletes travelling abroad for Ghent Regatta. A suggestion would be that athlete’s do 1 million metres between them in shifts on a couple of rowing machines in a supermarket.
  • Cash for clobber: This is a very easy source of some quick cash for a club. Every athlete/parent/brother/sister/granny/grandad has old clothes they are not using. Gather the clothes at the club over the space of a few weeks and arrange with your local Cash for Clobber organisation to collect and weigh the clothes on a certain date. In addition a big push on social media maximises the amount of clothes dropped to the club. This is an easy way of earning in excess of €1000 for the club
  • Club Lotto: Every GAA club around the country runs its own Lotto draw earning a few hundred euro weekly. For example St Michaels Rowing Club in Limerick city runs a lotto which they started well over 20 years ago and which is still running strong even now. This is an easy source of generating some weekly income.
  • Easter/Summer camps: This is one event that would probably need club coaches involved these camps will not only provide excellent income for a club but they can also provide a feeder system of young athletes into a club yearly to help the club grow. Contact RI Get Going….Get Rowing programme to see if you can partner them also on this initiative. All that is needed for summer camps are 2 strong capable coaches (1 male/1 female), a few older boats, adequate safety launches and a group of club athletes willing to volunteer a few hours weekly to their club. What is the key for good camps? Make them FUN!

 For further information on the best way to run your Easter/Summer camps contact Derek Bowen at

There are many other ways for clubs to be more self sufficient especially when expanding and trying to grow.

The key to a good club is a strong committee AND a strong parents committee. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport, the more parents that volunteer their time to your club, be it on committees, coaching, organising fundraising events etc etc the more our sport will grow.

If clubs would like to share their innovative self-sufficient ideas or their fundraising ideas with other clubs please send an email to Derek Bowen at and we would be delighted to share club ideas in our weekly newsletter.