High Performance Selection Process 2021


High-Performance Selection Process 2021

The selection process for the 2021 season will begin this October with the first round of erg monitoring, followed 1 week later with the first on-water trial. While this trial will be open, coaches are reminded of the need to only enter those athletes that they strongly believe have the real possibility of being selected for and performing at the Junior World Championships (and top-end Coupe), U23 World Championships and the Senior A-Team.

Please refer to the attached ‘Benchmark’ document for clear indicators of the required standard for the various levels. (These standards are also due to be revised and will be updated in the coming weeks).

Trials for Home International selection will take place later in the year and athletes are not requested to submit erg scores at this point.

HP Erg Monitoring (1)

  • Saturday 17 October – (am) 100m + 500m (Open rate and drag)
  • Saturday 17 October – (pm) 6k (Open rate and drag)
  • Sunday 18 October – (pm) 30 min (Open rate and drag)

Scores to be submitted by 5pm Monday 19 October to fran.keane@rowingireland.ie – Only scores submitted on the attached document and in the correct format will be accepted. No late entries accepted. Only athletes that submit these scores will be considered for the trials the week later.

On Water 6k Time trial

Provisional Plan (Subject to change)

  • Saturday 24 October – 6k (1x or 2-) or as directed by HPD
  • Sunday 25 October – 6k (1x or 2-) or as directed by HPD


  • The exact format for this ‘behind closed doors’ event will be confirmed closer to the time once we have received more information on entry numbers, erg test results and government guidelines
  • Provisionally the trial will run over 2 days (subject to change) and the distance will be 6k (Adaptive 3k).
  • Seniors taking part in Poznan will be exempt for this trial (or as agreed with the HPD) and will move to the next trial in November. All other seniors looking to be part of the senior A team must submit the erg scores and attend the water trial as described above.
  • The Juniors selected for the Junior European Championships in Belgrade are free to complete the erg monitoring the week after the water trial.
  • Lightweight bodyweight will be checked and recorded but with no restrictions
  • Only athletes completing the erg monitoring will be considered for entry for the water trial
  • If an athlete is injured, they must produce a medical exemption and successfully complete the erg monitoring scores (competitively) before re-joining the process
  • The next trial (November) will be invitation only based on erg monitoring and trial results.
  • Please find erg testing sample protocol attached along with erg benchmarks for the relevant grades and excel sheet for submitting scores.

Supporting Documents

NRC Power Ergo Test October 2021

Suggested Testing Protocol and Order

RI HP benchmark recommendation 2020 – updated

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