Following the submission of the December erg monitoring, which is due on December 23rd, a February trial invitation list will be published in mid January. 

2k Erg testing 

Following the change of date for the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships, the High Performance team has made the following changes to the annual plan.  

  • All senior and U23 athletes training in the National Rowing Centre will carry out 2k erg testing at the National Rowing Centre on January 21st.
  • All Senior and U23 athletes not training at the National Rowing Centre must complete 2k erg testing in their clubs on January 21st (unless otherwise decided).
  • All Junior athletes must complete 2k erg testing at the new date for the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships in Limerick on February 4th.

Any athlete that shows a strong performance in their 2k erg testing, may be added to the February water trial invitation list at the discretion of the HPD. 

For any questions, please email