Home International Regatta will take place in Strathclyde Park, Scotland on Saturday 27th of July.

The Home International trials will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of June at Cork Regatta. Athletes for the Home International team will be ranked at Cork regatta, however athletes may be pre-invited to attend the Home International Trial (without the need for a 2km erg test)

All others with the wish to attend the Home International ranking event, to race for available remaining places, must submit a recent competitive 2k erg score to Strategicbusiness@rowingireland.ie by 5pm Monday 10th June.

Invitations to trial will then be published by 5pm Tuesday 11th June. Emails will only be accepted from Club Secretaries.

If a club fails to submit a 2k score, they will be deemed ineligible for selection 

Any athlete invited to trial to be considered for selection must then enter either the Division 1 1x or Division 1 2- events. Athletes will be selected based on rankings in the Finals of each of these events. If there are not enough athletes racing in finals, rankings will be taken from times in the heats. 

** Athletes entering the selection process must have a valid passport and be available to travel from the 26-27th of July 2024

Please see the document below for more information on the trial and the selection policies by category