Unfortunately the trial for the Home International selections planned for the NRC for tomorrow has now had to be postponed again due to the adverse wind conditions. 

We have listened to clubs and have tried our utmost to accommodate clubs and run the trial on the 2nd July however we have sent members of the management team to the NRC this morning and the on-site winds are blowing in excess of the forecasted speeds. We have also spoken to local coaches and HP coaches at the NRC this morning. We Apologise for the inconvenience caused to clubs but it would be more inconvenient if clubs were to travel tomorrow for the trial then to be cancelled.

We have left it as late as possible to make this call as we hoped the winds would drop but now need to make the call on this before trailers start arriving. We apologies for the inconvenience this causes. 

The current plan is to reschedule this for Sunday 09th, more details will follow.