Irish Rowing Championships

2015 Senior 8 Winners

Irish Rowing Championships

The first Championship for the men’s Senior eights was instituted in 1912 and was rowed at Metropolitan Regatta in Ringsend. Other Championships followed, slowly at first, with the Junior (now Intermediate) Eights in 1934 and the Maiden eights (now Club) in 1945.

Originally the Championship races were farmed out to individual regattas around the country and there was considerable pressure on each regatta to ensure they got a Championship as often as possible in order to boost their entries and the prestige of their event.

Junior men’s events were added in 1964, and women’s events in 1976. Junior women’s events were the last to be added in 1981. For a period there were separate men’s, women’s and junior Championships. In 1987 the first full Championship Regatta, combining all events, took place in Blessington. Since then, with a few exceptions, there has been a combined Championship Regatta each year. Over the years the number of events has increased and there are now a total of 44 Championships.

Full details of the Championship winners, club records, course records and other Championship material can be found here.


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