A bespoke workshop on the challenges and support strategies for women in menopause and perimenopause will take place this September in a two part series on the 12th and 19th of September from 7pm to 9pm. This workshop is specifically aimed at female coaches and volunteers in clubs, to help them understand and address some of the challenges menopause and perimenopause can have on their participation and what can be done to improve their experience. This workshop is not closed off to other women, so if you are looking to learn or support or are a rower you can also sign up but please be aware spaces are limited to 100 participants and we will prioritise coaches if needed.

Our facilitator is expert menopause coach, Irene Clark of the menopausecoach.ie, Irene is a leading expert in this field in Ireland. She is extremely well qualified in the area and has a depth of knowledge around what is an emerging topic in terms of the science behind it and she has some excellent tips on how to support yourself to feel better. Below are some of the topics that will be covered:

How to train as a Midlife Woman:

  • Answering the big question ‘why does exercise feel so hard’
  • Making exercise choices – how do different types of training benefit you or feel really hard – Why is this?
  • Training for a race – the differences between a traditional training plan and one in Menopause
  • Why have I slowed down so much & how do I get faster now?
  • What strength training really is (and isn’t)
  • The importance of recovery
  • Why am I always injured?
  • What an exercise week looks like now compared to pre menopause

Nutrition – How best to support ourselves.

  • Understanding body shape changes/weight gain
  • Joining the dots between menopause, exercise, nutrition, recovery & cortisol – Why am I doing everything ‘right’ but gaining weight.
  • How do we nourish our bodies before, during, and after exercise?
  • Why are we craving foods?
  • How do I increase my protein intake?
  • What are the practical solutions and the small steps we can make for long-term sustainable change?

Understanding menopause and midlife…. It’s not me it’s my hormones!

  • Why it happens, recognising symptoms, what you can do and how to take control of menopause.
  • What is perimenopause and menopause and how is it diagnosed.
  • What are the main symptoms?
  • How to get the right help and support to help you take control of your menopause at work and home.
  • HRT risks & benefits
  • Lifestyle choices in menopause management

This workshop was designed following feedback from coaches in the community and aims to help address and support women in this regard.

Please fill the following form to register, their is no cost as it will be supported by the women in sport programme. Sign up early to avoid disappointment.