Athletes on the Sport Ireland sanctioned HP Pathway list and added juniors are now invited to the next phase of the selection process. This will involve a 2k erg test and this will take place on zoom similar to last year.

In keeping with the current zoom sessions for this U23 and Junior group we will hold this test on Thursday the 13 May, but also with an option to do this test on Saturday 15 May. Athletes must select which day they intend to do the test in advance and will not be permitted to change once the decision has been made. Athletes will only have one chance to complete this test. (*Please see separate note below regarding lightweights). Scores to be submitted by 5 pm Sunday 16 May.

Following on from this test a number of junior athletes will be invited to the NRC on the weekend of the 22/23 May and U23’s on weekend of 28-30 May for some water training and assessment in small boats. Further details/invitations will be sent by Tuesday 18 May. Following this some crew boats will be invited to take part in regular training groups and relocation to the NRC before final selection trials will be held in June (dates TBC).

If any coach feels that they have an athlete that should be on this 2k erg list and is of World Championship (or Coupe medallist) standard they must submit their athlete nomination with supporting evidence and their rationale for their athlete’s inclusion by 5pm Wednesday 12 May. Please note any limited addition will be subject to approval of the HPD.
Coaches are asked to confirm that their invited athletes will be taking part in the next compulsory stage of the selection process (2k erg test) by 5pm Wednesday 12 May and also confirming which day they will carry out this test.

*Lightweights will carry out their erg test on Thursday 20 May on zoom and must indicate their intended racing weight should they be selected in a crew boat. For the erg test they may be +3kg of this agreed weight and for the water assessment, they must be +2kg. There will be a brief zoom meeting on Wednesday 12 May at 4pm to discuss this and answer any questions. Scores to be submitted by 5pm Friday 21 May.


  • Only athletes that take part in the online erg tests will be eligible for invitation to the water session unless decided otherwise by the HPD (taking part is not a guarantee of an invitation to this water session)
  • Athletes must be willing to scull or sweep as determined by the HPD and leading coaches in the best interests of the team and crew formation
  • Lightweight agreed racing body weight must be a realistic and healthy determination of actual racing body weight (considering crew average weight for a 2x or 4x) and will be used to determine potential crew formation
  • Any athlete unable to take part in this 2k erg test on medical grounds must provide a medical cert stating the reasons for being unable to take part in this test and also expected recovery time. (Submission of a medical cert does not guarantee re-entry into the process).

**All confirmations, agreed bodyweight and erg scores to be submitted, by the published deadlines to with on be included in the testing.