Rowing Ireland’s Recreational Committee are putting together a calendar of tours in Ireland for 2022. We hope to support events from April to October and promote recreational rowing and tours across the country.

If your club or recreational group would like to host an event and have it included in the Rowing Ireland Recreational Calendar could you please provide us some details below. 

Rowing Ireland’s Recreational Committee can support your event as much or as little as needed – promotion, equipment, sign up, administration. It is ok if plans are not tied down yet, if you can provide a few details below, we will be in touch. 

The Recreational Rowing Committee members are as follows: Hannah Fitch (Chair), Mike O’Dwyer, Mary Brennan, Una Hogan, Michele Kennedy, Claire Lambe (staff). If you would like to contribute to this committee, please contact Hannah Fitch on

Next step: We will follow up to gain more details about your event and to understand how we can best support it. 

We will publish a calendar of events for recreational tours and promote through Rowing Ireland website and social media.