On Tuesday evening, Rowing Ireland and Athletics Ireland presented a webinar ‘Retaining Girls in Sport’. The webinar was presented by Dr. Orlagh Farmer, a lecturer in sport education in Early Childhood Studies in Dundalk IT. She is also a qualified physical education teacher, and recently was awarded her doctorate in University College Cork. Her PhD research has focused on retaining girls in sport (“Gaelic4Girls” project).

The workshop covered the motivations and barriers for why girls stay in sport, with strategies for coaches and clubs to implement to help towards the retention of girls in rowing and athletics.  

The webinar had 300+ people register across 22 sports, showing a real demand for understanding and advice in the area of teenage dropout of sport. 

Rowing Ireland will be launching the RowMoJo manual on the Green Blades shop in the coming weeks, which should act as a great resource to teenage girls, and their parents and coaches. A copy of the manual will also be sent to every affiliated club before the New Year. 

You can rewatch the webinar at the following link.