Are you looking to bring back rowers who may have been involved in the past?

Would you like to promote rowing as a fun and social sport?

If so, we would like your club to come on board for the Return to Rowing Challenge. The aim of the programme is to bring rowers back to the sport to train in a fun and social capacity, whilst reviving their connection to their clubs and the sport. We are looking for clubs to provide a training base for returning rowers to complete an 8-week training plan towards racing the Two Castle Challenge in Limerick, on the 25th of September.  

What is required of clubs?

  • Provide a boat for the group to train in between 1-3 times per week.
  • Allow a boat to be transported and used for the Two Castle Challenge on the 25th of September.
  • Enable rowers to become ‘temporary/recreational members’ of the club and to be included on the club insurance. 

What benefits do the clubs receive? 

  • Increased revenue from new membership
  • A fun recruitment tool to get previous rowers back to the club and involved in the sport again 
  • To highlight different competition options for members other than highly competitive rowing. 

How does it work?

  • Let us know if you would be interested in being involved in this initiative.
  • Consider what boat you could make available for the programme for up to 3 sessions per week over the 8-week period from 2nd August to the 26th of September. (ideally either an 8+/4+/4-/4x).
  • The Return to Rowing Challenge will be advertised and promoted in clubs and social media for rowers to sign up. 
  • The cost to the rower will be the appropriate fee your club would like to charge, plus €40 event fee which includes; RI registration, entry fee for the Two Castle Challenge and a t-shirt for the race. 
  • Rowers who express interest will be directed to participating clubs.