Virtual Training Challenge Instruction


  1. at least 3100 meters on the water in a single scull* and track your performance using a Smartphone + GPS Tracking App, GPS watch, or NK SpeedCoach with Training Pack. Once you have completed your performance, save your session and export your performance file (either a .GPX, .FIT., or .TCX file) to a computer. You must complete the distance within the timeframe of the Challenge from 7th of December until the 4th of January 2021. *Note the deadline has been extended from original deadline of 20th Dec.
  2. Submissions will be done through an email link sent directly from Time-Team. You will receive this email within an hour after registration. If you have not received your personal link, let us know and we will resend the link. You can register any time before the start or during the two weeks of the Challenge.
  3. Upload your session’s export to the Time-Team portal and confirm your submission. Results will be displayed on the VTC Virtual Platform.

* Our software will automatically extract the fastest continuous 3000m from the uploaded performance file. To ensure your submission is successful, we suggest athletes submit a performance that is slightly longer than 3000 meters. To be extra safe you can record from launching until landing. Only the fastest 3000 meters will be displayed on the map and in the results.

Important Points to Note

  • If using a smartphone to track your distance, we recommend ensuring it is in a watertight cover.
  • We expect all participants to be registered as a member of Rowing Ireland and a member of an affiliated Rowing Ireland club.
  • We expect all recommended Covid and H&S guidelines to be applied by all participants and clubs taking part in the Challenge. No junior should be on the water unsupervised.

Performance Tracking & Exporting Instructions:

Smartphone + GPS Tracking App – There are numerous free applications available for iOS and Android devices that enable you to track and export your performance data for submission. We recommend Strava* though most apps created for tracking running or cycling will most likely be compatible. Before deciding on an app to use, look online to see if it supports exporting a single workout session as a .GPX, .FIT, or .TCX file

*Strava is a free app on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. While Strava offers a paid subscription service that provides additional features, no purchase is necessary to use Strava for tracking and submitting your on-water piece for the VSC.

GPS Watch 

NK SpeedCoach with Training Pack

Other GPS Apps & How to Export Data

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