Every four years changes can be made to our Rules of Rowing.  This year (2021), is the year in the current four-year cycle during which rules changes can be made.

The President of Rowing Ireland has convened a Working Group with representation from all the provinces to start this process. They have commenced the process of reviewing our rules to determine what changes are required to bring us in line with current best practices within the sport of rowing.  As part of this process, we are inviting clubs to submit any suggested rule changes to the group so that they may be included in the detailed review and that the impact and implications of every proposal can be fully understood

Following this review, a document setting out the proposals from the Working Group and the clubs will be published for review by the branches and clubs. The document will be circulated and each branch will promote discussion and debate between the clubs at branch level.

It is intended that a rules forum will be held later in the year. At this the rules can be discussed and if necessary, amended to make them more likely to pass at the AGM. This is a useful step as rules on the AGM agenda cannot be amended.   .

It is important to note that this forum does not remove the right of clubs to make rule change proposals directly to the AGM as per the Rowing Ireland constitution. Receiving them now would however greatly assist the review process.

For clarity we would confirm that this review does not apply to Part 6 (Coastal) and Part 7 (Offshore) of the Rowing Ireland rules.

The closing date for proposals to this Working Group the 31st of May.

We look forward to receiving your club’s submission and to discussing the combined proposal document further with you in the future.

Working Group actions plan

  • Communicate with clubs seeking proposal
  • Review by Working Group, draft document published
  • Document promoted through branches, branch and club level discussion
  • Working group review feedback from branches
  • Working Group host rules forum for all clubs
  • Working Group present findings to Board of Rowing Ireland governance sub committee
  • Governance sub-committee present to the Board
  • Board of Rowing Ireland present proposed rule changes for consideration by the AGM

Working Group Members

Pat Kiely; Club Support officer

Dominic Burke; Rowing Ireland Board member

Kieran Kerr; St Michaels Rowing Club  

Denis O’ Regan; Administrator National Rowing Center

Susan Dunlea; Monkstown Rowing Club

Kathryn Wall; Carlow Rowing Club

John McCarthy; Cork Boat Club

David Webb; Belfast Rowing Club

Paul Donovan; Athlone Boat Club

Dermot Keogh; Commercial Boat Club


Submit Proposals

To help with the process if you could present your proposals in the following format

Description – brief description of the proposed change

Issue – what problem is the suggestion aiming to fix?  What evidence is there that the problem exists?

Analysis – how will the proposed change address the issue(s) identified above?

Administrative – which rule(s) are affected and what is the proposed wording of the new / amended rule(s)?

This format would help when we communicate these proposals through our branches.

We ask club committees to give this important subject some time at the next club committee meeting and to submit any proposals they may to rules@rowingireland.ie

Any proposals should only be submitted by the Club Secretary by the 31st of May