Further protocol updates; the return of adult crew boat training to take affect from 10th May.

The following are the protocols that should be put in place for the safe return to rowing of rowers in the Republic of Ireland. The resumption of on the water training can take place for Adults from Monday the 10th of May. These protocols have been sanctioned by Sport Ireland.

Rowing Ireland Protocols
ProtocolResponsible person/s
Underage (Juniors) rowers in pods of 15, in crew boats with a coach as part of the pod.Club committee
Adult (over 18s) rowers in Pods of 15, in crew boats with a coach as part of the pod.Club Committee
Adult and junior pods must be kept apart, allow time in your launching and recovery schedule to ensure no mixing between pods on slipways.Club committee and Coaches
Any athlete taking part in training must be free from all signs and symptoms of the Covid-19 virus Athlete / Club
Any Athlete diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus must be symptom free for a minimum of two weeks prior to resumption of training and certified fit to return to training by a doctor.Athlete / Coach
Any reported outbreak of the Covid-19 virus within the athletes training with the club must be reported to the coach and club committee as soon as is reasonably practicable.Coach
The lifting of restrictions for athletes is for outdoor training only. All gyms must remain closed.Club Committee
A coach will be allowed to supervise the training sessions for the identified athletes. They must be part of the pod of 15.Club Committee
All rowers, coxes, and coaches must always wear a facemask on land.Athletes, Coxes, Coaches, Covid officer
Coxes must also wear a facemask while in the boat.Coxes / Coach
Athletes, Coxes, and Coaches must arrive to training ready to train. The club dressing rooms must remain closed and toilets may only open for essential purposes.Athletes, Coxes and Coaches
Carpooling for coaches and athletes is not allowedAthletes, Coxes and Coaches
All equipment must be sanitized before and after training.Athletes, Coxes, Coaches, Covid Officer
The swapping or sharing of equipment is not recommended.Coaches 
Each club must appoint a Covid officerClub Committee
A strictly kept attendance sheet must be completed for each session. Attendance sheets may be used for tracking purposes if there is an identified case within the group.Covid Officer, Club Committee, Coaches
Club members should operate and stay in the same pod where possible, changing members from one pod to another pod could increase the risk of virus spreading further within you club.Covid Officer, Coach
Coaches, Coxes and Athletes must still obey the current travel restriction; (travel within your own county or within 20km of your home). Athletes, Coxes and Coaches
Remember, wash your hands, cover your face, and keep your distanceALL

Any Club, Athlete, or Coach found to be in breach of the government guidelines or these protocols or found to be operating outside of the intended spirt of the government exemptions could be sanctioned under the public health act. 

These protocols only cover Rowing Ireland affiliated clubs.These new set of restriction come into operation in the Republic of Ireland on Monday the 10th of May 2021.