Rowing Ireland was successful in its application to the Sport Ireland Research Fund with a Women in Sport project investigating Club Culture. The project is one of 17 to be funded by Sport Ireland and provides an opportunity for sporting bodies to undertake research on issues that are relevant to their own unique contexts.

The Rowing Ireland Research Project aims to define club culture of Irish rowing clubs, understand the impact of culture on its members with a particular focus on gender equality. The research will inform a toolkit for clubs to assess and positively influence their culture towards greater gender equality and positive lifelong participation in the sport.

The research will be compiled by a member survey, requesting every member of Rowing Ireland to participate, followed by four focus groups to get a greater, in-depth understanding of clubs in Ireland. 

The research will be led by Claire Lambe, Women in Sport Officer at Rowing Ireland and Meave Buckley, Sports Consultant for Leading Sport, 

This month a Research Steering Group has been established to guide the project.

If you or your club would like to know more or to contribute to this project in a greater capacity, email

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