Rowing Ireland is pleased to announce the publication of the Rowing Ireland RowSafe Safety Manual. The one stop shop for your Rowing safety information.

Welcome to RowSafe 

RowSafe serves as a straightforward and accessible online directory, providing a comprehensive resource for rowing safety information. This one-stop shop includes sections outlining “Expectations” tailored for different groups, such as Everyone, Clubs, Competitions, Coaches, and Rowing Ireland, with the list varying slightly by topic. Additionally, the site offers links to other pertinent information, ensuring that all users have access to essential safety guidelines and resources.

The Approach

Contrary to the myth that “health and safety” solely hinders enjoyment, RowSafe embraces a contemporary approach focused on enabling participation in rowing while minimizing risks to acceptable levels. We acknowledge that every activity carries some inherent risk. However, with thoughtful consideration, we can significantly mitigate these risks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Support and Acknowledgement

Rowing Ireland extends its gratitude to the following individuals and organisations for their invaluable contributions to this project. The Rowing Ireland RowSafe Manual is adapted from the British Rowing Safety Manual, with permission granted by British Rowing. Special thanks to Stephen Worley, Honorary Safety Advisor, and Andy Parkinson, CEO of British Rowing, for their instrumental roles in this collaboration.

We also acknowledge Pat Kiely, Gerry Farrell, and Leo Gibson for their efforts in adapting the manual for use within the Rowing Ireland context. Our appreciation extends to the Rowing Ireland Safety Advisory Committee for their support and expertise during the document’s production. Additionally, we thank Emma Waters for her assistance with the final design, ensuring the manual is accessible and user-friendly for our clubs and members.

We encourage all clubs to familiarise themselves with the document. In the coming weeks, we will host several webinars to highlight the valuable information and insights presented in the Rowing Ireland RowSafe publication.