Rowing Ireland would like to thank our partners Sport Ireland for the allocation of substantial funding to support the organisation’s programs and initiatives throughout 2023 and 2024. The additional funding will have a transformative impact on the development and success of rowing in Ireland.

 The breakdown of the funding allocation is as follows:

 Women in Sport funding 2023

The Women in Sport funding will be dedicated to a wide range of programs aimed at promoting gender equality and empowering women in rowing. Key initiatives include unconscious bias training, young women in leadership, HP coaching pathway, She Ergs teenage girls indoor program, Student coach academy, Women’s club leadership, WoW (Women on Water), and Women’s umpiring pathway. These initiatives will foster inclusivity, enhance skill development, and provide opportunities for women to excel in rowing while supporting Rowing Ireland network of over 100 clubs.

Her Outdoor Week funding

The allocated funding for Her Outdoor Week will enable Rowing Ireland to organise camps and learn-to-row try-it days, allowing participants to experience the thrill of rowing in the great outdoors. Clubs will also benefit from a percentage of this funding, which will contribute to rental expenses and other associated costs.

 HP Impact funding 2023/2024

The HP Impact funding is specifically designated to support the Rowing Ireland team’s preparation for the Paris Olympics. The allocated funds will be utilised for performance services, training camps, accommodation and other essential requirements, ensuring the athletes have the necessary resources to compete at the highest level and represent us all with pride.

Sport Energy Grant 2023

We have successfully secured the Sport Energy Grant for 2023. 

With an allocation for all clubs who applied for the grant  

The grant will alleviate financial burdens on clubs, enabling them to focus on delivering quality rowing programs for their members.

 This substantial funding boost reaffirms Rowing Ireland’s commitment to the growth and development of the sport across the nation. It is a testament to the organisation’s tireless efforts in securing vital resources and support for rowers at all levels.

 “We are thrilled to receive this significant funding allocation, which will greatly assist us in running our programs throughout the year,” said Michelle Carpenter, CEO of Rowing Ireland. “These funds will have a far-reaching impact, enabling us to empower more women in rowing, support the Paris Olympics preparation, enhance energy sustainability, and provide opportunities for individuals to experience the joy of rowing. We extend our gratitude to all parties involved in securing this funding and in particular the support of Sport Ireland, as it will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of rowing in Ireland.”

Rowing Ireland looks forward to utilising these funds effectively to further strengthen the sport’s infrastructure, develop top-quality athletes, and engage a diverse range of participants.