With the interest in Rowing in Ireland at an all-time high due to the massive success at the Tokyo Olympics, Rowing Ireland has established a Schools Rowing Working Group. It is the intention of this group to look at all aspects of school rowing and how we can enhance and grow the sport at this level.  With restrictions now easing around the country, hosting school rowing events will be more achievable. 

The Get Going Get Rowing program is introducing thousands of new juniors to our sport, it is hoped by having targeted, well-organised, inclusive, and fun events at the school level we will see an increase in interested juniors wanting to join rowing clubs.

We are calling on interested event committees to email a proposal (1000 word maximum) should they have an interest in hosting a school rowing event on its own or as part of an existing event. Please consider this at your next school, event committee, or club, meetings. We would also ask you to share with event organisers in your club.

You can make a Submissions by emailing events@rowingireland.ie on or before the 14th of February.
We thank you in advance for taking the time to consider this important aspect of growth in our sport.