Volunteer of the Month – Gordon Reid

We are delighted to present the September Volunteer of the Month award to Gordon Reid of Lagan Scullers Club!

Gordon’s dedication and contributions to Lagan Scullers Club make him a worthy winner of this month’s award. He wears many hats as a club member, taking on various roles:

As the club secretary, Gordon ensures the smooth running of the club. He continually maintains boats, ensuring that the equipment is always in top-notch condition, guaranteeing the safety of all rowers in the club. Additionally, Gordon has served as an umpire for numerous events around the country, upholding the high standards of our competitions with his knowledge and impartiality.

Lastly, in addition to being an active rower, Gordon is a coach for rowers of all levels and age groups. His passion and lively character is vibrant through in his duties, serving as an inspiration to all club members.

Congratulations, Gordon!

**Reminder: Deadline for this months Volunteer of the Month is the 18th of October