Webinar hosted by Rowing Ireland, with 2 into 3 Consultants

  • Monday, December 21st
  • 7.30pm-9.00pm
  • Zoom/online

Rowing Ireland is delighted to announce a Sports Capital Grant Webinar for our affiliated clubs.

The session will cover the dos and don’ts of the Sports Capital programme and how our clubs can come out on top. Since 2014, 2into3 have secured approximately €1.3m in Sports Capital funding for clubs around the country. Based on evidence, between 10%-20% of all applications will be invalid, meaning that the applications were completed incorrectly. Only the top 75% of valid applications will receive funding, which is based on a scoring system. Rowing Ireland wish as many of our affiliated clubs to apply and be successful from this programme, while limiting invalidity.

Our affiliated clubs have had success in recent years in applying for the local grant fund. Of the total of €52m that was open to clubs in the 2018 round, 45 rowing applications secured slightly over €1.1m. In applying, 69 rowing applications sought over €3.4m in funding. It is hoped that this event will help encourage more of our clubs to apply, and support these clubs in the application process. While the programme funds significant infrastructure work, it also funds non-personal sports equipment which can include boats, rowing machines, gym equipment, storage containers and much more.

This is your opportunity to gain valuable insight from experts in the programme process and gain valuable assistance from the experts in securing these grants. The deadline for applications is February 12th, 2021. By running this session before the Christmas break, we aim to help our clubs hit the ground running when we return in January 2021.

Affiliated Clubs can register here: