Coach Education


We at Rowing Ireland’s Coach Education Programme are committed to providing high-quality learning opportunities to all our coaches and all our clubs across the island.

A pipeline of competent rowing coaches is fundamental to the overall success of rowing at all levels in Ireland.

COVID-19 has placed a number of restrictions on our capacity to deliver our courses. We cannot now, and into the post-COVID-19 public health era, deliver our courses without a major change to our delivery method.  Therefore, we have been working on how best to meet the needs of our clubs and all of our coaches. The result is our new Hybrid Learning System for our coaching courses. Simply put, this means that instead of travelling to our courses out of hours we will deliver many of the course modules through live and online sessions with the most essential practical segments delivered face to face.

With the adoption of virtual and remote tools, there is an opportunity for all of us in Rowing Ireland to harness virtual training methods to not just mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the coach pipeline, but also to increase the efficiency of our delivery and improve the learning experience for our coaches.

Courses will consist of live online sessions (with a maximum of 12 participants) with our coach educators and will include:

  • some prior reading,
  • group participation,
  • breakout discussions, and
  • online quizzes.

All of these modules need the validation of putting what you learn into practice so there will be real-time sessions organized in a club near the participants to ensure course attendees can put the learning outcomes into practice. These sessions will be delivered under the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

The topics covered in each of our courses are the same as they’ve always been, just delivered differently.

In addition we will be adding to our website a specialist coach education log in area that will contain resources and links for our registered Rowing Ireland coaches.

If you have any questions please get in touch