We have scheduled three online renewal exams to take place before the regatta season begins. These worked well last year online, so we have proposed that we use this format again. We have introduced an online exam form to replace the word document which should make completing the exam much more user friendly.

Please use the link below to sign up for an exam and give us a shout if you have any questions. We will be sending out further information about in person seminars/exams for new umpires shortly, but the plan is to hold four sessions in Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connaught.


When does my license expire?

You can check the up to date umpires list here https://www.rowingireland.ie/supporting-our-clubs/umpires/

Licenses expire on 31st December – If your license expires in 2022 you should sit the renewal exam now to ensure that your license is valid in time for regatta season. If your license expires in 2023 you can renew in Feb/March 2024, before the regatta season.

Why is my name not listed on the umpires list?

This could be for several reasons;

1)    Your license expired in 2021 and you did not renew

2)    Administrative error – sorry!

3)    You held a provisional license and did not submit the paperwork to convert this to a full license

Please email umpires@rowingireland.ie

What if I don’t like using computers and would prefer to sit a paper exam?

This can be arranged – please email umpires@rowingireland.ie

What if I am interested in becoming an umpire and would like to sit the exam?

We will be in touch shortly with dates for in person seminars/exams for prospective umpires

Why am I not receiving emails about umpire activity?

It is possible that we do not have an up to date email address, or you didn’t opt in to receive emails. Please email umpires@rowingireland.ie to be added to the mailing list.