Volunteers in our sport play a vital role in the enjoyment, participation and safe organisation of our sport. We wish to recognise the significant part played by our legion of volunteers, by each month highlighting the efforts of the individuals and awarding them with the ‘Volunteer of the Month’ Award.

Whether it’s in your club or at committee or board level, being a volunteer can be immensely rewarding. And although it can seem that the altruistic intent puts the focus on helping others, volunteering also provides the volunteer with lots of benefits. Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills or try out a new activity. Recent research also shows that helping others can be a deeply fulfilling experience that’s positive for your wellbeing.

The following definition comes from Volunteer Ireland; What is volunteering? To put it simply, volunteering is doing more than you have to, because you want to, because you care.

We in rowing have an abundance of enthusiastic, experienced and motivated Volunteers. We would like your help to give formal recognition to those that go above and beyond to support our clubs and our sport.

Each month in 2024 we will award one volunteer with the title of ‘Volunteer of the Month’.


  • All nominees must be members of Rowing Ireland and a paid member of an affiliated Club.
  • Nominations must be submitted by a member of an affiliated Rowing Ireland Club.
  • Must be an active volunteer in the sport.