What an incredible day of racing in Wales for the Rowing Ireland clubs. It was finals day today consisting of the remaining B finals and all of the A finals. Weather conditions were extremely tough as there were some high winds and larger waves than yesterday but hat didn’t stop our crews from dominating in every event that we entered.

The CW4x+ saw Castletownsend RC taking the first medal of the day which was a bronze medal against some incredibly tough competitors. Monika and Rhiannon absolutely dominated not long after in the CW2x event and had an incredible race considering the tough conditions and placed second in the A final for Killorglin.

Adrian Miramon Quiroga won a gold medal in the CM1x event for Wicklow RC. Adrian capsized in the 2021 A-final of the WRCC and had an incredible recovery to win the bronze medal that year. This year he absolutely dominated this event despite the same tough conditions and finally secured the title from the very start.

We finished strong with another medal win in the CMix2x event. Monika and Patrick won the bronze which was an incredibly tough battle against the Spanish double (ESP01) and both crossed the line together. The Spanish pair managed to just get ahead of the Irish double by just 0.09 seconds but we couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and determination of all of these Irish crews.

We would like to congratulate every crew who raced over the weekend in such tough conditions.

Here are the full list of results from Day 3 –

B Finals  

CW2x B final 

5th place – IRL03 Loughros & City of Derry RC – WARD, Caitlin & BHLOSCAIDH, Mairead

6th place – IRL04 Loughros Point RC – SWEENEY, Aoibhe & GALLAGHER, Leah

CM4x+ B final 

2nd place – IRL01 Loughros Point RC – SWEENEY, Cian & BOOMER, James & OBOYLE, Martin & OBOYLE, Michael & MCGONAGLE, Paul

5th place – IRL02 Olderfleet RC – JOHNSTON, Barbara & DUNDEE, Ben & PAINE, James & ROLSTON, James & LINDEN, Seamus

7th place – IRL04 Castletownshend Rowing Club – COAKLEY, Oisin & MAHONY, Cian & CALNAN, Jack & FITZGERALD, Florence & POPIELNICKI, Daniel

CMix2x B final 

6th place – 163 IRL03 Kilmacsimon RC – DUGGAN, David & NEILL, Laura

A Finals 

CW1x A final 

4th place – IRL03 Arklow RC – HEALY, Sionna

5th place – IRL04 Arklow RC – JORDAN, Xena

8th place – IRL02 Castletownbere RC – SHEEHAN, Miriam

13th place – IRL01 Killorglin RC DUKARSKA, Monika

CM2x A final 

17th place – IRL05 Kincasslagh Rowing Club GAFFNEY, Colm & MCGONAGLE, Paul

CW4x+ A final 

3rd place – IRL03 Castletownshend Rowing Club – WHOOLEY, Eileen & CIALIS, Ella & CALNAN, Jack & HICKEY, Karen & HAYES, Orla

CW2x A final 

2nd place – IRL06 Killorglin RC – ODONOGHUE, Rhiannon & DUKARSKA, Monika

9th plae – IRL05 Castletownshend Rowing Club – CIALIS, Ella & HOSFORD, Gillian 

15th place – IRL02 Kincasslagh Rowing Club MAGUIRE, Dineka & DOOGAN, Niamh 

DNF – IRL01 Arklow RC – KINSELLA, Andrea & KENT, Mary Ann

CM1x A final 

1st place – IRL06 Wicklow RC – QUIROGA, Adrian

4th place – IRL02 Rosscarberry – RC MANNIX, Kealan

9th place – IRL03 Ring RC CREEDON, Noel

16th place – IRL01 Loughros Point RC – BOOMER, Patrick

17th place – IRL05 Shandon BC – BYRNE, Ronan

CM4x+ A final 

16th place – IRL03 Wicklow RC – DOYLE, Peter & CORCORAN, Ryan & DUNNE, Christopher & NICHOLS, Marc & BREEN, Andrew

CMix2x A final 

3rd place – IRL01 Loughros & Killorglin RC – DURKASKA, Monika & BOOMER, Patrick

10th place – IRL05 Shandon & Lee Valley R.C – BYRNE, Ronan & LONG, Natalie

14th place – IRL02 Killurin & Arklow RC STAFFORD, Tom & JORDAN, Xena 

The full list of results can be found HERE

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