Please see below agenda for the upcoming AGM of the 7th May 2023 at 11 a.m. at the Sports HQ Conference Room on the Sport Ireland Campus.  There is also a map of the campus to show you where the building for the AGM is or you can click the link HERE. The AGM will be held online and in person.  A verification form can be found below which should be completed in respect of any attendee at the AGM, only two members from each club should attend.  Those two members should ideally be the Captain and the Secretary but if they’re not available, another club member can attend on their behalf once the verification form has been completed.  

Online registration can be found below.


1. Draft minutes to be considered. 

2. Directors’ report and Financial Statements to be considered (attached, Directors’ report is at the beginning of the Financial Statements and you will have already received this). 

3. Appointment of Company Auditors (Grant Thornton). 

4. Nominations of Eligible Directors. 

5. Update from Safety Advisory Committee. 

6. High Performance Update.

7. Proposed date for EGM for Fixtures Calendar.